Bathroom Advertising

Their business is your business.

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Captive Audience

We’ve placed billboards on bathroom walls and in bathroom stalls throughout Northwestern Ontario’s most popular and high-traffic consumer and tourist destinations.

Taking care of business, with life on hold, our readers are held captive, spending on average 1-3 minutes with your ad.

Today’s consumer is more active than ever but we’ve caught them and entertain them with large, full-colour, in-your-face eye-level advertisements. Bathroom ads simply cannot be missed!

Targeted Marketing

Bathroom advertising captures the undivided and uninterrupted attention of active consumers – people on the go with money to spend – in restaurants, arenas, fitness clubs and tourism centres.

It is the only medium to provide 100% gender distinction to enhance your targeted advertising efforts. And, don’t be shy to also segment by demographic profile, i.e. tourists and transients, or geographic location.


We understand the importance of location, location, location. That’s why selected only the highest-traffic venues in Northwestern Ontario. Our network is over 70 venues strong and continually growing.

Browse the map, or for a complete listing click here.


Just a few of the businesses and organizations who continue to benefit from bathroom advertising.

The only place in the world people stand in line to read advertising - Boston Globe

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Text Message Marketing

On-the-go is In-the-now.

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Mobile messaging

It’s no secret mobile and smartphone usage in Canada is at its highest peak, and continues to climb. Today, over 26 million Canadians use a mobile phone of which 95% have text/SMS capabilities.

Amazingly, 98% of text messages are read. Compare that to 22% of emails, 29% of tweets and only 12% of Facebook posts. *

*Frost & Sullivan, The Growth Partnership Company

Why it works

Engagement: 97% of all texts are read within 4-5 minutes.

Permission-based: You can only send messages to those who have opted-in, creating a very targeted and highly involved audience.

Instant and timely: Reach 100% of your customers and contacts in a matter of seconds. Chose the exact time and date to send the perfect coupon, offer or important notice.

Trackable: Measure which messages/promos are working and which aren’t with web links, in-store coupons and callbacks.

How it works

1. Reserve a keyword

Use keywords that match your business. This not only enhances brand exposure and awareness but increases retention as well.

2.Grow your list

Using your keyword as the call-to-action on posters, social media and ads, every person who texts your keyword will be automatically added to your marketing list.

3.Send out your text

Reach 100% of your customers, in real-time, with messages they have asked for. You control the date, time of day and message, every time!


Retail Stores

  • Sale notifications/reminders
  • Discount coupons
  • Loyalty programs
  • Events and announcements

Shoe sale this weekend only. Show this text for an additional 15% off your entire purchase.


  • Mobile coupons
  • Text for hours or specials
  • Birthday coupons
  • Loyalty programs

Football season kicks off tonight. Show this text for free appetizers for tonight’s game.


  • Weather/bus notices
  • Emergency notices
  • Information notices
  • Schedule changes

Bus routes 12A, 16A, 18A cancelled this morning due to road conditions.

Real Estate

  • Text for info
  • List alerts
  • Informaion updates
  • Link to video tours

New 3BR residential listing. Visit:


  • Appointment or checkup reminders
  • Schedule changes
  • Emergency notices

A friendly reminder that your appointment with Dr. Smith is at 3:30pm on Thursday, June 3.


  • Emergency notices
  • Special meeting notices
  • Events and announcements
  • Tax due reminders

Emergency notice: a transformer has been damaged and all power is out in Your Town. Expected repair time is 3hrs. For more info, call 1-800-123-4567

Connect with your customer where they want it.

For a demo, contact Mike - via text - at 807-407-7252

About Blitz

  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2014

Founded by Mike Greaves, Blitz Advertising becomes the exclusive bathroom advertising provider in Kenora & Dryden

Mike is awarded Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Award

Bathroom network expansion into Fort Frances and Emo, increasing capacity by 30%

Further bathroom expansion into Sioux Lookout, bringing total venue count to 70 across NW Ontario

Blitz joins mobile movement and launches text/SMS marketing with shortcode 76000


Mike Greaves, Proprietor

Combine Mike’s love for marketing with a worldview that embraces challenging the status quo, risk-taking and living outside the box, and you get an excitable and passionate entrepreneur who puts people first and delivers success.

Mike is a born and raised student of business. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Mike learned early and often what it takes to survive in today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving business world. Blending this growth with a business degree and a few years of “career” experience has enabled Mike to thrive in today’s marketplace. Mike currently operates Blitz alongside his complementary marketing and creative consultancy firm Squarepeg.

Personal tidbits:

  • Grew up in family business: Ignace Outposts & Airways
  • Red-green colourblind – providing a unique view into
    colour as used in advertising
  • Won Grade 8 science fair contest: HOW TO FLY.
    Last bit of science ever studied for. Ever.

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